A Bit About Me:

Welcome! I'm Jessica and this is my space to contemplate the journey of motherhood and process my evolution as I pursue parenting as a spiritual practice, which may sound bizarre or lofty, but for me this means digging into the day to day insights, struggles, and triumphs of mothering in order to challenge and transform myself into the most full, clear, strong, and unshakable version of myself. I believe motherhood is one of the greatest catalysts for growth because it is relentless, exhausting, and provides the most stark reflection of ourselves and the way we think and behave. Mothering unearths all of our being, the light and the dark, and requires us to sink or swim. This site is about my attempt to swim.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my Husband, Matthew, and our Son, Rowen Magnus.


Bringing this Site to Life:

 During my pregnancy with our son, Rowen, I went through a relentless, and often exhilarating, process of watching my identity evaporate.  It was a hormone driven spiritual journey beyond my control.  I felt like the primordial ooze inside a caterpillar's cocoon, I was the imaginal cells that spawn the butterfly. 

Through the process of bringing our son into the world in June of 2015, I also gave birth to my-self in so many ways. I was remarkably transformed by that experience.  And then the real effort began.  We were now parents entrusted with a precious life. 

It was through the day to day unfolding of my new identity as a mama, and the willingness to embrace an ancient grief for the lineage of mothers who have raised humanity, that my heart was set ablaze and the essence of mamacitta took hold.  I became filled with an overwhelming passion and desire to explore the reaches of what was possible through the act of parenting. 

I wanted to understand how surrendering to the commitment and holding the explicit intention of fostering a whole, compassionate, integrated, embodied and thriving child could elevate my own sense of wholeness, fulfillment, authenticity, and purpose while fueling an ever increasing capacity to meet the world from a place of love. This turned out to be much harder said than done!

A deep need for community inspired me to create this space for The Path to be explored together.  So was born Mamacitta, the site.  Thank you for being here!



MAMACITTA IS alive and an ever expanding personal experience of the incredible love born within us through the act of caring for a child.  It is a spark of creativity, passion, and joy that enlivens our being and propels everything we do in life.  Our life becomes an offering, not a sacrifice, but a dedication.  Everything we do has the potential to be motivated by the presence of and commitment to someone who depends on our guidance and unwavering love.  And so we are continually inspired to Grow Up, Wake Up, seek, and live our dreams so that we may be the fullest expression of ourselves for their sake.  In their honor. 

"Mamacitta" is derived from the Buddhist term "bodhicitta"; the boundless wish to benefit all beings through compassion and love.