Physiologic Postpartum Care: Re-Membering our Global Postpartum Tradition

‘Physiologic Birth’ is now widely understood in the birth community and defined as: “Birth that is powered by the innate human capacity of the woman and fetus.  This birth is more likely to be safe and healthy because there is no unnecessary intervention that disrupts normal physiologic processes.”  

The same phenomenon is true for the postpartum period.  We have a PHYSIOLOGIC design of what our needs are postpartum in order for optimal results to be achieved.  The optimal results in regards to the postpartum period, is not just the survival of Mother and baby—but it is the THRIVING of Mother and baby. 

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The Birth of Rowen Magnus

As I slept, I dreamt of how souls enter the world, creating a portal of light from Source that accompanies the birth of every child.  I saw this glorious white light descending upon me, it was spectacularly beautiful. I woke from the dream at 4:00 AM to use the bathroom and upon returning to bed a trickle followed by a large gush poured onto the bed. My water had broken. I was struck by the imminence of the situation, feeling into your arrival fast approaching. I was about to do this, no way out but through, and today was the day.

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