For the Dada

I rarely mention Matthew, my Husband, in my little notes. However, it is not because he is an insignificant part of my experience mothering, it’s quite the contrary. He is such a fundamental and integral part of my ability to mother that it had felt almost redundant to mention him, like noting that I continued to breathe all day to sustain my life. I feel like he lives in me and through me, so of course my story is our story. But, for Father’s Day, I wanted to offer up my gratitude because his efforts as a dad are essential to the health of our family and to my sanity and wellbeing as a mom. I want to honor all the wonder that he is and brings.

As I think back, the ways in which he has been pivotal seem infinite. He has supported us from being the champion of establishing my milk supply, cooking delicious meals, showing me how to best put clothes on our fresh baby (literally!), changing late night diapers, showing me how to feed Rowen (seriously, I knew next to nothing about children), being the hero for all our mealtimes, to collaborating with the bath and bedtime routines daily. But he also taught me more about how to tickle, laugh, and play, how to set boundaries, take care of myself, and strengthen my potential to meet our family more fully with heart and presence. And he has always (always!) had an ear to listen to all that has flowed through me during this time, often with a side of gentle wisdom or a gift of clarity. 

The truth is, he fully supports and cares for me so I can fully support and care for Rowen. We are an interdependent family system. My ability to mother well, and to seize this precious time for my own growth and betterment, is only possible because of his unwavering love and dedication to the health and joy of our family. So today, here’s to the father that raises me up so I can be a wonderful mother. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You, Matthew.