A Mama's Mantra

I first heard this short song while at a Blessing Way ceremony for an expectant mama friend.  We sat in a large circle under a beautiful tent singing and sharing stories as she was anointed, massaged and praised.  This song struck me deep in my core, allowing a sense of ease and calm while reconnecting me to what lays just behind the veil.  

My musical talent is almost nonexistent and my memory for lyrics very unpracticed, so naturally, I forgot the lyrics shortly after many rounds of the song had ended.  I was sad about this, but life marched on without the song in tow.  A few days later I realized I was humming that very song and all the lyrics were clear in my mind.  It had been in my head all along, and this time I did not forget.  Instead I began humming it to my 3 month old son to get him to fall asleep or to calm him when he was inconsolable.  The modified second verse came about during one of these times in an attempt to connect to his deeper reality and to move myself beyond the tense and contorted sense of my body as he cried. 

And so now I continue to sing both verses, letting our souls collide despite the outer circumstances.  It has become a pulse in my life, something I can lean on to connect to my inner resources, and it is sung for every nap and bedtime. The melody makes my heart dance and the lyrics make my heart wise.

Perhaps you've heard it before, it goes like this:

Woman am I,

Spirit am I,

I am the infinite within my soul,

I have no beginning and I have no end,

All this I am.

Modified Version:

Child are you,

Spirit are you,

You are the infinite within your soul,

You have no beginning and you have no end,

All this you are.